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About the Artist

Donna’s Mantra: Life is short, do what makes you happy every day, be sure it includes luxury fiber!


Donna Markey (AKA Mrs. Wooly) lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with her husband, dogs, cats and hawks. She’s addicted to luxury fibers and uses them to create functional artwork.


Nature provides the inspiration for Donna’s work, both with fiber and watercolor painting. Magic happens when watercolor paints meet wet paper, the same way it does when knitted fabrics or dyed fibers are layered and felted. Donna thinks of her fiber work as “painting with fiber” and finds the process both meditative and mentally restorative. A long-time yoga student, Donna also offers yoga and fiber art retreats. These are unique opportunities to unleash your creativity and cultivate your meditative skills.  Private classes and workshops are available upon request.


Knitting philosophy: Life is too short to use cheap yarn and you work just as hard; so use the best materials you can, you are creating an heirloom!


Best wishes, Mrs. Wooly

About Wooly Fiber Works


Handcrafted Indulgence


You’ve found Wooly Fiber Works, a home-spun source for luxury fiber. We bring you handcrafted roving for spinners and felters, luscious yarn for knitters and functional and whimsical fiber art for everyone.


Touchable Luxury


Our fiber work provides a feast for the senses. Handling any of our products, you’ll notice how the textures, shapes and colors gently blend together for a one-of-a-kind tactile and visual experience.


Naturally Sourced


Our work is inspired by nature’s abundance everywhere – including the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, which we call home. Each step of our creative process is infused with the artist’s light, love, and warmth. Wooly Fiber Works. Made with our hands for yours - Enjoy!

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